Cylinder boxes workshop July 30th-Aug 1st 2021


Handbuilding pottery in nature

Instructor : Solène Chatain


For 3-day workshop : 734 $

Including :

materials, studio fees, accommodation for Fri night, Saturday night and Sunday night,

Ride to our remote location by boat.

Not included : 

·       all your meals.

Please plan to bring and prepare your meals. Saturday we will go overnight to our remote location, so you should plan easy meals to cook as we’ll have a limited kitchen (we will have a fridge though)

Friday and Sunday evening, back in Powell River, there will be some groceries store(10 min away), and restaurant delivery available, even a pub at walking distance.

·       Your bedding :

 you will be provided a comfortable cot to sleep on but please bring your sleeping bag.

«The cylinder base has been the starting point of many a sculpture and functional shapes. They are so flexible as you can achieve a very geometrical shape box and a very organically shaped box as well from that starting point.

You can accomplish a lidded box that fits without having too much previous experience or practice.

I enjoy surface designing in the still wet pieces with repeating stamps or motifs or adding sand, but also sometimes while the piece is leather hard for sgraffito or resist.»

Solène Chatain’s bio :

Solène Chatain started her crafty/creative journey in Canada after moving from France with birch bark. She wove quivers (yes, bow and arrows’ quivers), and bags out of barks, mostly birch bark and leather. She sold her quivers to the four corners of the world to enthusiasts of primitive archery and beautiful things. Her bark handbags were in One of a Kind Vancouver and around galleries in B.C. 

Solene has now been dabbling in clay for 10 years. Handbuilding has been her door to the pottery world, using slabs in particular, still inspire her everyday to make functional pieces and sculptural pieces.

Her art work is often in shows in Powell River, B.C. including in 4 shows at The Art Centre in Powell River.

She has been teaching handbuilding classes at her community studio, and at The Tidal Art Centre in Lund B.C.

She is working on an exhibition featuring her sculptures in Powell River for 2022.

Timeline of the workshop

Friday July 30th

You are welcome to arrive at our location in Powell River from 1 pm on

Start of workshop : 2 pm

2- 4:30 pm : Design, sketching of your cylinder boxes

                       Slab making.

Saturday July the 31th

9 am : Departure for our remote location where we will stay overnight.

12pm- 2:30pm :  shaping our cylinder boxes.

5pm-7pm :  shaping the lid.

Sunday Aug the 1st

9 am -11 am : cleaning the seams up for drying, some surface designing

, packaging for the boat ride

12 pm : departure from our remote location

(Clean up a beach on the way,

Jump in the ocean for a swim, 

Have a look at petroglyphs)

4-5pm :

Planning for the glazing after bisque firing

 Having a look at different glazes available for after the firing. 

Figuring out shipping costs for your pieces as it is not included in the workshop price.

5pm : the workshops ends. 

You can stay until 9 am Monday morning

Firing : I will be firing your pieces in a gas kiln in Powell River a few days after the workshop ends. I will glaze them as you wish and send them to you after the glaze firing (cost of shipping not included)

Note : all the non-instructed times, you are welcome to explore your surroundings, wether in wildwood, Powell River or out in our remote location.